WW Custom Taxidermy & Hunts LLC 
  BROOKFIELD,WI (262)373-1245  Store Located at 21100 w Capitol Dr
The Finest in Bear Taxidermy
  • Full Body Mounts, 3/4 Mounts, Shoulder Mounts
  • Custom Habitats For All Species!
  • Dont trust your Bear to a Amateur

 With over 25 years in business, wwcustomtaxidermy leads the field in custom taxidermy at an affordable price.  We Customize your Bear to thru expert craftsmanship, we not just "throw it" on a form Have your once in a lifetime trophy shipped directly to our taxidermy studio.  We can also arrange for a  pick-up and/or Delivery  just about anywhere in wisconsin .  Give us a call for details

WW Custom Taxidermy creates some of the finest life like taxidermy mounts found anywhere. 

WW Custom Taxidermy  specializes in custom taxidermy mounts including carcass casts and custom form alterations


We specialize in Bear & Bear Rugs, offering wholesale rugwork to licensed Taxidermists,( minimum order may apply).  Our Rugs are Sewn, thick padding, ruffled edging with cloth backing.......not the fast, cheap,  hot-glue method.


Bear Rugs start at $

Lifesize Black Bear  plus any Custom Base work

1/2 3/4  start at

Tanning- Completely Flesh Salt & Tan
Tanning and Labor  $475.00 min
(Tanning for Rugs, Skin "Dry Tanned,


Congrats Steve P. on your awesome record book Bear !

Just a few of our Bear Rugs getting prepped

We look forward to working with you in 2017-2018!


      Beetle Cleaned Bear Skull Work

Black Bear Taxidermy Bear Rugs Wisconsin
WW Custom Taxidermy

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