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Customer African/Big-Game Mounts
With over 25 years in Business. WW Custom Taxidermy leads the way in African Taxidermy, mounting several hundred pieces each year.

We have hunted Africa several times, harvesting many African trophies plus studying these unique Animals

We use only the finest materials and methods as African Taxidermy is a specialized process, Custom alternations and techniques are required on all African mounts.   

Completion time may vary depending on a lot of things out of our control.  

No deposit is required until your trophies arrive in the United States.  At that time 1/2 deposit is required, Remaining balance is due upon completion,  Cash only on pickup or delivery, no checks, no credit cards.

Are you heading to Africa? we can help !  We will walk you thru the entire Safari process, help with Airline Tickets, paperwork/ pre-approval of rifle import permits,  set up getting your animals back to the United States safely & hassle free.  You are responsible for all foreign shipment and processing fees.  Dip Pack, Air cargo, Broker & shipping to our facility.  We charge a $250 non-refundable admin fee,  per hunter however this money will be deducted from your taxidermy invoice when using our Taxidermy Services.   We charge $350 per animal  on foreign shipments once received by our  Customs broker or tannery when not utilizing our taxidermy services.   If there is any primates, wart hogs etc  must go thru the  our USDA facility that we use.  We offer up to $500 credit per hunter (on 4 or more Shoulder or Lifesize mounts)

For a lot of people going overseas can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Feel free to contact us anytime.  


State / International Award Winning Taxidermist


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