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Frequently asked questions:

q:  With all your accomplishments and the amount of work you have why are your prices so affordable compared to other taxidermists?   Some of the New guys,  with basically no experience are charging $100 or more on deer for example then you are? 

a:  I feel someone should beable to get a descent Mount without breaking the bank.  Alot of newcomers think they can make alot of money at taxidermy without doing anything ,It comes with hard work


q: I know you also do wholesale work, what is that:

a:  Other taxidermists would bring us work, say deer for example, we charge them $325-$375, they then charge there customers $425-$575 or more,.  



q: Do you offer  a Rush service, guaranteed completion ?

a:  yes,  for an additional fee,  Expedited  Guaranteed completions are done on non-scheduled time. (overtime) Great for birthdays, holidays or for someone that has to have there "Trophy"  Back Fast  30 days Guaranteed Turnaround  Add 100%, -60-90 Add 50%  Guaranteed Turnaround


q. How long does it usually take to get my deer / mount back ?

a:  Usually between 8-10 months, however based on how many mounts we take in, deliveries, interruptions, etc for the entire season it can take over a year.  We offer a Expedited service/ with a guaranteed completion of 30 days or less for a additional fee. Which will be noted on your invoice

q:  Can i upgrade to your Guaranteed completion / Rush Service at any time:  
a:  It depends on the amount of work taken in

q:  If a customer wants to pick up an uncompleted  "Deer Mount"  what is your policy?

a: It depends on where the "deer mount"is in the process. If not mounted,the customer would be responsible for tanning , supplies and all labor charges incurred.  
q.  Should I call checking on the status of my mounts

a:  No,  We will notify you when your mounts are complete or if there any problem with your specimen.  We are extremely busy with completing customer mounts,  so we do not answer calls when we are in Full Production Mode, this will only slow down the entire process.  We deal with thousands of customers .

We get calls daily from salesman, people asking about the latest fishing hotspots & hunting  reports, etc , which we can no longer do. We have alot of work.   If we are on the phone or visiting  all day nothing gets done.

q:  I see that you have done alot of competing in taxidermy competitions, why is that?

a:  Anyone can say they are good, others prove it!


q: What do you guys do when someone brings something in thats in horrible condition,  poor field,  etc How do you handle that

a:  We have seen just about everthing.  We know that the customer brought it in to be mounted because it has special meaning. Whether its a dogs first retrieve or parts of a Zebra were  eaten away by beatles, deer not cared for  warm weather, poor field care etc, we know you want it done...Period.  We do are best for what we have to work with. 

 Thats where experience comes into play.

 Its very rare we cant do something.


q:  There is a alot of new taxidermists popping up everywhere, whether they bought a dvd or by attending a 5 day mini-course. (most "so called" schools) What do you think about that

a:  No one can teach experience!

 Theres guys out there who never mounted any... bears (for example), but will tell you on how there the best at bears.  Or, I'll put my fish up against anyones...you get the point,,,,,,the more new ones pop up the more stuff gets wrecked, the busier we are.

Do you want someone experimenting on your trophy?


q: Do you still teach taxidermy, or give any seminars?

a:  Occassionally


q: All taxidermy drop offs and pick-ups are by appointment, why is that?

a:  Being one of the leaders in the field, we have a very tight work schedule..


q:  Was all the work on your website and in your showroom mounted by you?

a: yes,  I think its very unethical to display the work of others, claiming it as yours.  A few of our pieces have shown up on others website or on display


q:  Do you ever sell mounts?

a:  Sometimes, certain customer mounts can be sold if abandoned

Choose your taxidermist wisely.. 

Thanks for looking!

We look forward to working with you in 2018!


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Kimberly with her nice Wisconsin Buck !
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