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Field Care

With over 20 years of Taxidermy expertise - we have grown to be one of the largest taxidermy studios in the Midwest ! Winning awards throughout the U.S.

Awesome Taxidermy work starts with Awesome Field Care

As soon as you harvest your Animal, cape  and freeze,as soon as possible.we offer this service for you. 

As we all are proud of our trophies, please don't drive around with it in your trucks or hang it in the garage for days/weeks.

As soon as the animal is killed bacteria starts to set in.  Use Figure 1 for Deer Caping yourself, figure 2 for Antler Mounts

If possible don't use a rope around the animals for dragging or hanging.

Immature Ducks (early season), ducks chewed by Dogs, excessive shot,  all can be mounted, the final outcome is always based on the condition of the "specimen" when we receive it.

Ducks/fish freeze as soon as possible. Do Not Field Dress

Awesome Taxidermy work begins with you ! We can not emphasis that enough !

We look forward to working with you in 2018!


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