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Taxidermy Specials

          Taxidermy Specials

<<  check back for updated specials >>

     Deer Shoulder  Mounts
            $435  (reg $535)

        European Mounts -
          Beetle Cleaned
      No Deposit required

Bear  & Bear Rugs Taxidermy-
No Deposit Required

Bear Rugs- Lifesize - 1/2

Commercial Tanned, Expert Sewing to last a lifetime !  

(Not the cheap , fast hot glued, pressure tanned method that many use.

Bear Skulls - Beetle Cleaned 
degreased, whitened

        We look forward to                    working with you !


     No Deposit required on all
        Duck/Pheasant Mounts 

  (excludes pan fish: Crappies,BlueGill,Perch)

               LIMITED TIME OFFER

Shipping anywhere in the U.S. (postage fees additional)


     Call for other Specials

African Mounts

$50-OFF any Sheep , Moose, Caribou,Shoulder Mount  Lifesize expires dec2018 , excludes prior drop off, coupon must be presented on drop-off---see store for details


Taxidermy Specials may end without notice-Don't miss out.

So we can keep a productive taxidermy work schedule all drop-off and pickups are
 By Appointment only- Open 7 days a week !

Stop in for current pricing, by appointment only


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